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Take charge of your music career...

with a little help from Mike

Mike is an application that will give you the power to take charge of the business aspects of your music career.

  • Set your goals and track your progress
  • Organise your workload and increase your productivity
  • Manage your budget and spending
  • Keep track of your upcoming events

Meet Mike, your new band manager! From goal setting to managing your finances, projects, and events, Mike will keep you updated, motivated and in control of your own destiny, leaving you free to create amazing music.

Some of the Mike app features:

Achieve Your Goals

From Facebook likes to Twitter Followers, Profit, Gigs, and more, set your goals and visualise your progress to stay motivated and on track until you have achieved your target.

TwitterLikesEmailMike App helps track goals

Get Things Done

Get productive by breaking down your projects into specific actionable tasks with due dates, and check them off when you're done.

Start getting things done
Task 1Task 2Task 3Task 4Task 5Mike App enables you to create projects and tasks

Manage Your Money

Track your income and expenses with a beautiful chart to help you clearly visualise profits and losses. Set your budgets for both income and expenses and track your progress against your budgets to stay on track.

Finances 1Finances 2Finances 3Finances 4Finances ChartMike App helps with managing finances

Manage Your Schedule

Capture your upcoming events, from gigs to rehearsals and meetings. Are you in a band? Quickly and conveniently manage the attendance of your band members for each event.

Start organising my schedule
Schedule 1Schedule 2Schedule 3Schedule AddedSchedule AddedMike App helps you manage your schedule

Capture your ideas

Store notes, lyric ideas, that melody that just popped into your head, set lists, images, and PDF documents

Vault 1Vault 2Vault 3Vault Items AddedMike App helps you capture your ideas

Monitor your social profiles

Track your performance across your social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and LoudUp). Monitor any changes in your number of followers and engagement, and view your most popular posts.

Start monitoring my social engagement

Get Inspired

Get motivational quotes for those days when you need that extra push.

It always seems Impossible until it's done - BB King
Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard - Kevin Durant
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week - George Patton

Simple Pricing

Manage your finances, projects, schedule, and goals. Choose a subscription plan to get started:


- Single user login

- Start with a free trial, followed by monthly payments



- Single user login

- Start with a free trial, followed by annual payments



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