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The ultimate resource for independent artistsThe Indie Bible is an e-book with contact details for over 7,000 radio stations, music blogs, and music magazines where you can get exposure for your music. They also offer the Indie Spotify Bible - with contact details for over 4,200 Spotify playlists and the Indie YouTube Bible - with contact details for over 3,400 YouTube playlists. Get access to the contacts.
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Music promotion servicesFiverr enables you to buy music promotion services from their marketplace. Services on offer include promoting your music via blogs and social media accounts, creating album artwork, reviewing your music, writing bios and press releases, and making music videos. Browse the services available.
Upload and sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.Distrokid enables you to get your music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more. For a flat rate of $19.99/year, you get unlimited uploads and keep 100% of your earnings. Get started with publishing your music.